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Save 10% on our excellent Suntek Carbon series window tint!


Please Note: You have to make both a 'Pieces of Glass' & 'Windshield Brow' selection in order to make a purchase. 'None' is an option for the brow.


Our Suntek Carbon series film offers a limited lifetime warranty that is good throughout the USA at any authorized Suntek dealer. Carbon film offer a basic level of heat rejection and scratch resistance. Clarity is good and the charcoal colors look good on almost all vehicles on the road. The warranty covers fading, color change, peeling / adhesive failure, bubbling, etc. Suntek Carbon features up to 46% TSER (compared to 63% for Black Ceramic and 71% for Ceramic i3). We’ve used the Carbon film for years and it’s a very good film.


We get asked every single day….”how much difference does the Ceramic tint make? Is it worth it?” The answer is “Yes, a tremendous difference”, but there’s nothing we can say that will explain the difference better than to experience the difference for yourself. In a matter of seconds, the heat rejection ability of the ceramic films becomes obvious. If you’ve never experienced this for yourself, stop in any time and we’d be happy to demonstrate it for you. It is amazing!


Lifetime Tint Warranty

Click here for all the warranty details direct from Autobahn regarding Ceramic i3 and Black Ceramic. We feel the Autobahn warranty, with its Transferrable and No Fault options, is the best in the industry! Our Suntek Carbon series film offers a lifetime warranty that is good throughout the USA at any authorized Suntek dealer. Click here for all the warranty details direct from Suntek.

Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Wagons and Vans

Yes! We tint them all. As you can see in the gallery above, we specialize in American, Asian and European vehicles. From Audi & BMW to Ford and Toyota, we’re comfortable and experienced with them all. With that said, any vehicle more than 10 to 20 years old, or any high mileage vehicle, should be brought in for prior inspection. Over time, gaskets and felt strips tend to wear out which can affect the quality and longevity of the film being applied. We do our best to be up front with the expected results before starting on your vehicle. Of course, if you have a brand new vehicle, having it tinted as soon as possible after purchase is the most ideal circumstance. The Prices listed here are only valid for standard vehicles made within the last 15 years. Unique and Exotic vehicles are not included.


Do you tint ATV’s? Classic Cars? Buses? RV’s? Farm Tractor windows? Yes, of course! With that said, each of these vehicles present a unique set of circumstances and thus requires inspection by our tint technician before we can quote any prices. In some cases, we’ll suggest removing the windows from the vehicle, especially on farm tractors or on classic cars going through a restoration and bringing just the glass in to be tinted. Other times, like for most ATV’s, we will tint them as mounted on the vehicle. There’s a number of factors that go into our recommendations and as such, it’s best to stop by the store or give us a call, 507-345-8863. The Prices here are not valid for any of these vehicles.


  • Tint is priced PER PIECE OF GLASS. See photo above.
  • Prices DO NOT include removing old film!
  • For vehicles with any other number of windows, please email or call 507-345-8863 for more info and pricing.



1)  Available to purchase online for local installation in Mankato, MN. We do not ship these products.


2)  Not valid with any other offer or sale price. Limited quantities. No rainchecks. No price protection. 


3) Your complete contact info and (shipping) address is required for online purchasing even though this will be installed on site. Please be sure to include a good day time phone number.


For all purchases made via this e-commerce store, we will follow up with you within two business days to schedule a time for installation or pick up of your product. Our staff will not have access to your online purchase until the following business day and as such, please allow us a day or two to call you. We promise to complete your purchase in as expedient fashion as possible.

Carbon Series Window Tint

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